Phil Beard recently told us about how things have changed in business and particularly in accountancy over the years.

Who remembers filling in a paper tax return?

You filled it out, signed it, photo copied it and then you either posted it or delivered it to your local tax office with a cheque. What a pain!

Now it’s easier. Isn’t it? You do it online, you click your mouse button and it’s submitted. The thing is that HMRC already have most of the information you’re sending them: PAYE information is already there, as is bank interest and VAT, if you charge it, and so on.

The local offices have gone and when you need to talk to someone it’s a national call center and a long wait. And to be fair that’s all you need if everything is straight forward. If all your income comes from one employment then you will probably be fine.

If you are self employed, have an investment property (or more than one), take dividends from a limited company or even if you have benefits at work ( like company car, medical cover etc) then you might need some support.

Phil have been advising people on their tax affairs for 40 years and he really knows his stuff. He started off working in a local tax office in Manchester where he would work with big name Man United footballers and now runs a multi discipline accountancy practice which supports all types of business from sole traders to multi-national companies from offices in St Ives.

Phil’s team at Thomas Quinn after a free initial consultation so give them a call to see how they can help you.

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