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Michelle Riches

Contact: Michelle Riches RSHom
Work Phone: 01234 794500 Mobile: 07341 731666
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Personalised Treatment

At your first consultation, we go through your full medical history and your current health concerns and symptoms in detail so that I can prescribe the best Homeopathic Medicine that suits you.  We discuss diet and nutrition to ensure these are not acerbating your symptoms – what is a healthy food for one person can be an irritant for another.  Allow an hour and half for the first consultation.

Restore health & wellbeing, physically, mentally & emotionally

During the first consultation, I ask lots of questions to build a complete picture of you, taking into account a wide variety of factors in addition to your medical history.

Stimulate natural healing

Homeopathic Medicine is a natural safe system of medicine that encourages the body’s natural immune system to start working properly and regain balance in the body. Without balance we are often in a state of “Dis – ease”.  It is gentle, lasting and effective without side effects, it is a complementary medicine that works alongside any prescribed medications by your GP or specialist and it is recommended you maintain your relationship with them.

Safe, gentle and it works

Homeopathic treatments involve a gradual process of change towards better health, making it safe and gentle.  The first follow up is usually about four weeks after the first prescription, although in some cases it may be sooner.  The second consultation tends to be shorter than the first; I ask about changes that have occurred using my detailed notes before deciding on the next step in your treatment.

Used Worldwide

Homeopathic Medicine is the second most used medicine in the world (The World Health Organisation).  It is integrated into many European National Healthcare Systems.  In India more than 100 million people depend solely on Homeopathy for their healthcare.   The Swiss Government commissioned a comprehensive review of Homeopathy which was published in 2011; this scientifically authoritative report concluded, based on evidence, that Homeopathy is clinically effective, cost effective and safe.  Many sports people and celebrities use Homeopathy.

Private Medical Insurance

If you have Private Medical Insurance, many companies include Homeopathy, please check your policy or give them a call.

I am a registered member of The Society of Homeopaths, the UK’s largest group of registered professional Homeopaths.  The Society promotes the highest professional standards, membership of the Society, shown by the letters RSHom, guarantees well-trained, registered and insured professional Homeopaths.

What my patients say

Dear Michelle,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you have done for my sister and my daughter. I find it difficult to put into words the difference you have made. It is not your knowledge of homeopathy alone that has made the difference, it is the fact that you truly care. I will always be indebted.

Kindest regards, Mrs Saghir

My experience with homeopathy began way back when an acquaintance recommended Thuja for my son’s verruca. Like a miracle, both boys’ verruca ‘fell off’ within 2 weeks – from past experience the process could take up to one year if using other remedies.

So, when I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis 6 years ago, I had no hesitation in trying homeopathy. It was a relief to finally find a practitioner who listened and treated me as a whole person. Michelle delved dip into my history and pinpointed some contributing factors. At the end of the first consultation I felt confident to take the prescribed remedies. The results have been remarkable.

The healing process has been gradual, with my joints being less swollen and painful. My energy levels have gone up and I no longer feel exhausted in the evenings. Homeopathy has been a whole body experience for me and I look forward to the continuation of my healing process as I continue to work with Michelle. My belief in homeopathy is also strengthened by the knowledge that it works with my whole body system.

I will recommend homeopathy to anyone and would especially endorse Michelle, as she has a very caring and considerate attitude. She is not only sympathetic, she is also empathetic. As well as experiencing the benefits of the therapy, I look forward to my sessions with Michelle, because she helps me have a greater understanding of how my body works.

Mrs Green, Bedfordshire

My reason for searching for alternative medicines was because I had been experiencing stomach problems for years and various tests had left me with no solution. I was told by a friend how Michelle had helped her daughter and she gave me Michelle’s phone number and although I was sceptical I had nothing to lose.

I have been seeing Michelle for about a year now and my health has been amazing going from strength to strength and I feel better than I have in years. It hasn’t just helped my stomach problems it has helped my general health too. I have lost weight without going on a diet which is a win win situation as far as I can see.

We forget that homeopathy is where our medicine began and as developments have come on in leaps and bounds with medical innovations we have forgotten the holistic approach that homeopathy offers. It is working with our bodies and as long as a full medical history is gained these ancient methods can work independently or alongside general medicine.

I thoroughly recommend homeopathy to family and friends as I feel we have to take our health into our own hands.

Paula, Cambridgeshire

I have been seeing Michelle for 14 months now and have been extremely happy with the treatment I have had from her. In true ‘homeopathy’ practice, she comprehensively assesses all aspects of your health and lifestyle in order to decide the best treatments for you.

Michelle is an excellent listener and questioner. She takes many notes, so that progress can be accurately assessed. Michelle is very knowledgeable about homeopathy, but also about nutrition. She has provided me with many ideas for alterations to my diet that are effective but also easy and practical to fit into my hectic life. I never feel rushed in our meetings and Michelle focuses wholly on me as a client / patient. I feel better mentally and physically since I started seeing Michelle. I would recommend Michelle to anyone thinking of exploring how homeopathy can improve their lives.

Emma, Bedfordshire

Michelle was recommended to me and I have been treated by her from May until November 2017; I have found her to be extremely caring with a deep knowledge and understanding of health.

I went to see her with multiple symptoms such as pins and needles, burning sensation in my legs, pain in my head, low back pain and hips, hypothyroidism, etc.

My physical health has already improved 75% with Homeopathic medicine, and I am much calmer in myself also after having the Homeopathic remedies.  Thanks a lot Michelle for your help, for me the treatment has had significant effect.

Monica Ortega

I contacted Michelle after struggling to get over glandular fever which had left me quite low.  I also had been on anti-reflux medication for 10 years which I wanted to stop taking.

Michelle worked closely with me in rebuilding my immune system and energy to great effect.  I can’t be more thankful and would recommend her to anyone needing help.

Stuart White

I can’t thank Michelle enough. From our initial consultation through to follow up sessions, Michelle made me feel relaxed and valued from the outset. I really appreciated her listening skills and her determination to figure out my problems. With ailments and irritations which I had put up with for years and having doctors not being able to help, Michelle was able to make recommendations re diet and with homeopathic remedies. I was initially slightly dubious about this but must confess the change has been extremely positive. Most of my irritations have disappeared, I feel more energetic and productive, and it’s the best I have felt in years.  A huge appreciative thank you!

Rebecca Russell 

We went to see Michelle in a slight state of panic on a Friday afternoon January 2018, as my daughter was due to carry out her mock GCSE exams on the Monday. Michelle was very reassuring to my daughter, who was at the time suffering with anxiety. She gave us Remedies to cope with the week ahead. Michelle also setup a plan of action, to help get my daughter exam ready and in a fit emotional, physical and mental state for May. I can honestly say that I am not sure how we all would have coped without Michelle and her expertise. My daughter was able to perform her exams without the physical and emotional problems that had been causing her so many difficulties.

I am truly grateful for all that Michelle has been able to help us with. Thank you!

Mrs A. Bedfordshire

“I took my son George, 5, to see Michelle in June 2017. He was suffering from hay fever, and with sore red eyes and a bunged up nose, was finding it difficult to concentrate at school. At our initial consultation I was hugely impressed with how thorough and attentive Michelle was. Together, we went through a full and detailed account of George’s medical history – he was born with Spina Bifida Occulta, had been a very small baby, was a fussy eater with a small appetite and suffered from some bowel problems. George was also very slim and small for his age.

Once we had chatted about his health issues, we went on to discuss his personality type – a very happy boy but certainly on the hyperactive side and sometimes hard to calm down.

Using a detailed, holistic approach, Michelle identified the link between George’s physical symptoms and his personality. A detailed homeopathic prescription was put together, not just to help with his hay fever symptoms, but to also stimulate his appetite, calm his bowels, strengthen his bones as he grows with his condition, boost his immune system and to promote overall calmness in his system.

One year on George is hugely improved… his hay fever symptoms have significantly lessened, his appetite is normal, his bowels are calmer and he is much stronger and certainly no longer small for his age.

He takes his homeopathic remedies religiously every morning and last winter, through the dreaded winter bug season, I was delighted to see he remained virus free and didn’t miss a single day of school. I should also note here that myself and the rest of the family also took a similar homeopathic remedy to boost our immune systems, and we also managed to survive the winter season cold and flu free.

I would highly recommend Michelle. She is extremely dedicated and clearly passionate about the power of homeopathic medicine.”

Caroline, Bedfordshire

I have never got over an eye and throat infection so quickly.

Stuart, Bedfordshire

Amazing, the eye infection was gone the next day, thank you!

Emma, Bedfordshire

I recommend you to anyone I know with any skin conditions, it’s amazing how both our daughters have improved so quickly.

Ruth & Sarah, Bedfordshire

Michelle has been a wonderful friend of mine for over thirty years and, as a friend, she has been kind, loyal, true, honest and understanding throughout. These amazing qualities have enabled her to progress a career in Homeopathic medicine and, as a Homeopath, she shows deep understanding, empathy and care. She is able to make you feel instantly comfortable talking about your highly personal and sensitive health issues but, at the same time, she demonstrates a high level of professionalism.  More importantly, through sheer hard work and determination, she has a deep understanding and in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. With her careful and thorough listening capabilities, she can offer a considerate approach to healing any health issues that you demonstrate.

I would highly recommend Homeopathy as an alternative and natural form of medicine and therapy – for me; the relaxed one to one consultations along with natural remedies with no side effects have been my saving grace. I would unreservedly recommend Michelle to help with your healing process.

Amanda Elliott

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