Anna from Adlam and Coomber optometrists spent 15 minutes recently telling us about how your eyes are affected by the seasons.

Anna is the practice manager and a dispensing optician and she really knows her stuff. She’s been at the practice in Brook Street for 9 years and is one of the team who help patients with choosing and fitting glasses and contact lenses after the optometrist has checked your eyes and confirmed your prescription.

The temperature, light and what’s floating in the air all play a part in how you should look after and protect your eyes. Summer for example means it should be warm and dry (that’s the hope anyway), there may be pollen in the air and the sun will be bright, perhaps you play outdoor sports in the summer. Winter is cold, maybe you will go skiing in the new year, the sun will be low in the sky and driving becomes a bit trickier at times because of the low sun.

Whatever the time of year Adlam and Coomber have a great range of products to help you, whether it’s prescription goggles for your swimming, eye drops for hay fever relief or just really lovely spectacles, they have it all.

If you want to be truly impressed, ask them about Ortho K. These are lenses you wear at night and they gently reshape your eye so that when you wake up in the morning and remove them your eyesight is corrected and you don’t have to wear lenses or specs at all for that day. Could it be magic, ask them?

To arrange an appointment for an eye exam (or a hearing test) call Anna or her team on 01480 472051