Claire Bristow told us that her main goal at her recent talk was that people wouldn’t fall asleep!

That was never going to happen!!

So what does Claire do? Well, she builds CRMs (Customer Relationship Manager) for businesses and organisations. That means that she creates a system that tracks all of your client contacts and information. Every company is different and most will need something different from the next. Sure you can buy something ‘off the shelf’ but to use it like that it will be full of compromises, she told us. Claire starts with the standard Microsoft D365 system and then takes the time to really understand what a business does and what it needs and to configure the system accordingly.

That means you get a CRM which is totally bespoke to you and will do what you need it to. Whether it’s tracking your orders, making sure you keep in contact with people, generating quotes or tracking opportunities. Pretty much whatever you need, Claire can build it!

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